music for film

PEDALÓ pedalo

A young filmmaker travels back home to Basque Country to follow three friends on a surreal nautical voyage. Riding a second-hand paddle boat, they pedal over 150km along the entire Basque coast from Hendaia (French Basque Country) to Bilbao in an attempt to rediscover their country’s shoreline. However, as a paddle boat is not made for the rough Basque sea, things don’t go as planned. The journey becomes a delirium with unforeseen accidents, folkloric parties, hangovers, a shaman, a funeral… Documenting the expedition of these “sailors” on his own, the filmmaker finds himself on a parallel inner journey.

Score: Lauki, Peter Sejersbøl, Shame Salvador & FORZUDO

DESK des

Mr. Ma’s desk is moved from the office out into the corridor. he wants to go back, but the employees are ignoring him. then, he finds a turtle.

this film will be screened as part of the BIFF festival 2015.

영화(Film) l 복도발령 3개월차 Desk

감독(Director) ㅣ 김유준 Youjune KIM

music: “invierno” form 69º54´S-135º12´E

ELEPHANT elefant

a love story between two animals.

director / editor: Octavi Rollo

music: Mikel Lauki
design: Fernando Florit
voice: Rajinder Deo
elephant: Lakshmi
mahout: B.M Jayashema
translation: Beatrice Fritzner
Millenium Elephant Fundation, Sri Lanka.


concept :Alan Kepski, Paula Dzwigala, Bartosz Dziadosz

director / editor: Alan Kępski

director of photography: Maciek Domagalski
gaffer: Karol Skierski
art director: Paula Dzwigala

original music by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) and Mikel Lauki

models: Sonia Trzewikowska, Zofia Czerniakowska

designer: Barbara Ì Gongin


music inspired by ” Herr Arnes Pengar” film (Mauritz Stiller-1919).

In 2012, Mikel Lauki was invited to participate in Cinetone, a festival where classic films are projected and their soundtracks are reinterpreted and performed live, fusing the cinema of the 20s with the advanced music of this century.
Lauki recreated the soundtrack of “Herr Arnes Pengar” (Mauritz Stiller, 1919), a Nordic tragedy that tells the story of a love, a crime and a cruel trick of fate. The frozen atmosphere that envelopes the plot, the Scandinavian winter, get its own role, conditioning experiences and the emotional and dreamlike worlds of the characters and the viewer.


exilé républicain résidant à Bobigny depuis les années 60, Daniel Serrano, aujourd’huiâgé de 94 ans, se bat depuis son pavillon de la banlieue parisienne pour réhabiliter la mémoire de son frère Eudaldo, fusillé en 1941 à l’issue de la Guerre Civile espagnole.

un documentaire de Susana Arbizu y Henri Belin

musique originale: Mikel Lauki

La Chambre Noire, Doriane Fims 2012

TELOGEN telogen

director, editor: Alan Kępski

director of photography: Maciek Domagalski
designer & model: Coco Mayaki
make up: Paula Dzwigała
music: Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) & Mikel Lupus (Lauki)
assistant director: Monika Małaczewska
gaffer: Kasper Konkol