Pleq + Lauki

Experimental artists Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) and Mike Lauki (Lauki) combine forces to document the delicate middle ground between modern compositional structures and widescreen ambient soundscapes.

Pleq is Bartosz Dziadosz, the prolific composer, producer and collaborator. Dziadosz is responsible for — among many other releases — the 2009 CDr The Metamorphosis, a chilly and narcotic view through a fluorescent microscope. Literature buffs will head straight to the two-part title track, but the most Kafkaesque movement is “Don’t Cry My Dear,” a probing and lowercase work, deceptively complex.

Lauki is Barcelona-based Mikel Lauki, a composer and freelance sound technician. Fluid Radio first introduced Lauki in July 2011, in expectation of the Audio Gourmet release 69º54´S-135º12´E (executive summary: “The beauty is in the collapse”). The compositions of 69º54´S-135º12´E knock back and forth between glitch and post-classical, and there exists no synthesis or union, but a beguiling confrontation between the two.



III (Segue Remix) – Touched Two

XIV (Anne Chris Bakker Remix) – Touching Down Lightly – Pocket Fields

Delicate Poesie  – transmissions from the heart of darkness part V : Elsewhere

Vestiges    – Charming Sepulcher part 3 –  from have fait in sound

Telogen  –  V: Nivosus – album from Wounds Of the Earth