music inspired by ” Herr Arnes Pengar” film (Mauritz Stiller-1919).

In 2012, Mikel Lauki was invited to participate in Cinetone, a festival where classic films are projected and their soundtracks are reinterpreted and performed live, fusing the cinema of the 20s with the advanced music of this century.
Lauki recreated the soundtrack of “Herr Arnes Pengar” (Mauritz Stiller, 1919), a Nordic tragedy that tells the story of a love, a crime and a cruel trick of fate. The frozen atmosphere that envelopes the plot, the Scandinavian winter, get its own role, conditioning experiences and the emotional and dreamlike worlds of the characters and the viewer.

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“Reflejos cambiantes sobre la superficie terrestre, oráculos ocultos en sus polos y en sus aguas, el sonido de la maquinaria perfecta, Gea, nave nodriza, creatrix infinita de mundos, de experiencias íntimas del espacio sideral.”


69º54´S-135º12´E – Coordinates scribbled on a map, lost, then recovered in the world of dreams. In the coldest region, the promise of breaking through the inner ice. The polar desert, another frontier of our planetary existence, a territory where only fools and heroes dare to go.