antarctica experienced through music

69º54’S-135º12’E included in the music database inspired on antarctica

notes from the website: 

“The following is a consumer’s guide to recorded music that I have found over the past twenty years, now mainly through the Internet. There are very few themed discs devoted entirely to Antarctica, but there are now many CDs with individual songs entitled Antarctica or about The Ice. While this site is meant to be a listing and not a critical or sociological discussion of the music, there are occasional commentaries, which stand to be corrected or debated, as well as comments by some artists about their tracks. A few non-music CDs have been included for their Antarctic content (theatre, recitation, comedy routines) but CD audio books have been generally excluded, with exceptions where the material was considered to be noteworthy.”

Valmar Kurol (Montreal Antarctic Society/Societe Antarctique de Montreal).

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