vital weekly #984 – lauki “waiting for the thaw”

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In a rather great cover, professionally printed and all that, we find the third album by Lauki. We haven’t heard his previous two releases, but we did hear his release with Pleq a long time ago (see Vital Weekly 795), which I no longer remember. From the information here I understand that Lauki likes ‘contemporary classical music, generative art and aesthetics of error’. Recently he worked on his first soundtracks and if I understood well some of that is to be found on ‘Waiting For The Thaw’. It came from an invitation to play live music to an old movie, ‘Herr Arnes Pengar’ (by Mauritz Stiller, 1919), which I haven’t seen, but which is apparently ‘a tragedy that tells the story of a love, a crime and a cruel twist of fate, and where the cold climate (the Scandinavian winter) that accompanies the action plays role, conditioning experiences and emotional worlds of the characters, visionaries and dreamers, and the spectator’. Like said, I haven’t seen the movie, so I have no idea how the music relates to the movie. No doubt and quite rightly so, the composer thinks it is strong enough to by itself. Inside his computer he uses field recordings but also violin and cello sounds, which he plays around it in a very atmospheric way. Of course these instruments are ‘easy’ to employ when creating mood music, but Lauki does this is in a great way. This is partly abstract, but also partly orchestral, with a multitude of layered string instruments. It’s not difficult to see this music fitting to such a movie: it’s lovely, sad, uplifting, melancholic; not everything in the same portion though, as I would think sadness and melancholic have the majority here, but some of that desolate atmosphere is probably the main approach to the movie. Sometimes these strings sounds romantic and sometimes these drones depict a snow covered landscape. Lauki produced music with quite some imagination and great care for detail. Top stuff. Remind this name. (FdW)

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